William MacGregor Primary School

Mayor impressed by school’s new trim trail

Tuesday 18th May, 2021

Pupils at a Tamworth primary school had a VIP visitor when the town’s Mayor popped in to see their fun new play equipment. 

Tamworth Mayor Councillor Rosemary Claymore was impressed by the new trim trail at William MacGregor Primary School, which is part of the respected Arthur Terry Learning Partnership. 

And pupils from Year Six were on hand to demonstrate how to use the different pieces of equipment, which were installed at the Glascote Road school over Easter.  

Deputy Headteacher Natalie Jones said: “It was a real honour to welcome the Mayor and the children were very excited to show her their new trim trail. 

“Originally, we wanted to extend the playground for the children and give them more access to space to play in, allowing the children to have fun but be challenged in their free time.” 

“So, we came up with the idea of the trim trail, which has been built on a space where we used to have a pond, which wasn’t being used.” 

The school, supported by parents, has been saving up to pay for the trim trail for many years. 

Mrs Jones said: “It was expensive for a school of our size – but whenever we decide to go for a project like this it’s always with the children at its heart. 

“We have saved up for many years for something like this to compliment our outside area but it has been worth it these last few weeks to see the children’s reaction and pleasure when out playing on it.” 

The trim trail, which sits on special soft flooring, benefits the children in a number of ways. 

Mrs Jones explained: “The equipment helps the children with balance, co-ordination and their physical development but it also has different challenges too, as well as encouraging teamwork. 

“But equipment like this also builds children’s confidence and helps them see how they’re progressing as they get older and move from year-to-year. The children really love it.” 

At the moment, because of COVID restrictions, the school’s pupils are separated into ‘bubbles’ – so there is a daily rota which allows everyone to have a go on the new equipment. 

Cllr Claymore said: “The trim trail is absolutely fantastic – it’s something that the school has been saving up for for a long time and it’s lovely to see it come to fruition and then see the children having fun on it and building their confidence.  

“It would be great if every school in Tamworth could have equipment like this, if they have the space, because these days we have to think about the health of children and making sure they keep fit and have access to ways to exercise.”