We are thrilled to introduce the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership (ATLP) Partner Programme.

This exciting initiative unites students, parents, businesses, organisations and alumni, with the aim of enhancing education, empowering our learners and providing profitable networking opportunities.

Membership will enable partners to foster connections, share expertise and support the educational community. Through networking events, partnerships and fundraising activities, we aim to enhance opportunities for professional growth, community engagement and educational advancement.

At the ATLP, children are at the heart of everything we do and we are constantly committed to working with the community to create new opportunities for our 11,200-plus students, including those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged.

The ATLP currently consists of 24 schools and this number will rise this year as more schools join our learning family. We pride ourselves on being ‘One Trust’ to bring about the best outcomes for our young people. We also recognise that ‘Together We Are Stronger’ and this ethos extends far beyond the classroom.

If you would like to open new doors for your business, whilst also helping to generate funding to enhance equitable opportunities for students across the West Midlands, then please contact us today.

ATLP Partner Programme objectives

Support education

Collaborate with schools across the ATLP to provide careers advice, work placements and job opportunities for students.


To facilitate meaningful connections between parents, alumni and local businesses and organisations to foster collaboration, resource-sharing and enable more business to be passed to each other.

Exchange of knowledge

Provide a platform for members to share expertise, insights, contacts and referrals across various industries and sectors.

Community engagement

Engage with the local community through outreach programmes, charitable initiatives and partnerships.

Professional development

Offer workshops, seminars and training sessions to enhance the professional skills and knowledge of other partners.

The Arthur Terry School | 2023


Membership is open to parents, alumni and local businesses within the ATLP catchment area of Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield, Tamworth, Coleshill and Coventry. Members are encouraged to actively participate in club activities and contribute to its objectives.

Membership of the club costs £1,000 per year. Email Brian Davies at brian@bdconsultancyltd.co.uk for further information or an informal discussion.

Events and opportunities include

Networking events

Regular meet-ups, mixers and social gatherings including golf days to facilitate networking and relationship-building among members.

Workshops and seminars

Educational sessions covering subjects including leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance and technology.

Mentorship programme

Pairing experienced professionals with students or young entrepreneurs to provide guidance and support

Internship opportunities

Connecting students with local businesses for internships and real-world work experience.

Community Projects

Collaborative efforts to link individual schools and students within the ATLP.