John Willmott School

John Willmott students join volunteers for litter pick

Friday 28th May, 2021

Community-spirited Sutton students picked up a few tips when they joined volunteers from Sutton’s biggest litter picking group to clean-up rubbish in the area.

Year 8 students at John Willmott, which is part of the respected Arthur Terry Learning Partnership, were joined by Andy Biddle, Richard Parkin and Debbie Lake of Sutton Coldfield Litter Action Group (SCLAG) for a litter pick in Falcon Lodge.

Assistant Headteacher Lisa Lockley explained: “Every other Wednesday afternoon is timetabled as ‘Enrichment’ at John Willmott, as a response to students missing out on not only extra curricular activities but also social and environmental pursuits over the last year.

“This week Year 8 students asked if they could contribute positively to the wider community, so we contacted the Sutton Coldfield Litter Action Group, and we were so grateful when Andy, Richard and Debbie came along to lead them on a litter pick.”

The group headed out for around 90 minutes, walking down Fairfax Road and then to the shops in Falcon Lodge, collecting four large bags of rubbish along the way.

Mrs Lockley added:

“The students recognised there was a litter problem in the local community and enjoyed the opportunity to make a difference. Now we’re planning to continue to support the local area in this way throughout the Summer Term and students are hugely enthused to be able to contribute so positively.” 

Members of Sutton Coldfield Litter Action Group – who are all volunteers – are urged to adopt a local area where they will litter pick regularly, from beauty spots and parks to the streets near their homes.

According to a recent post on the group’s social media, around 20% of streets in the town have now been adopted by volunteers.

Andy Biddle said: “The John Willmott students did really well. It was their idea to get involved and they really went for it with the litter pickers we provided.

“I think it’s great to see an awareness of litter being instilled in younger people, so that they become aware of it and the effect it has on the community. After all, it’s going to be their world in the future!”


Andy Biddle, Richard Parkin and Debbie Lake of Sutton Coldfield Litter Action Group (SCLAG) with John Willmott pupils.