Osborne Primary School hailed as a “harmonious and happy place to be” in recent Ofsted report

Staff and pupils at Osborne Primary School are celebrating after an Ofsted report saw the school given an overall rating of ‘Good’ – and graded as ‘Good’ across all five categories.

The visit by Ofsted inspectors, conducted in February, was the first routine inspection since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic at Osborne, which is part of the respected Arthur Terry Learning Partnership (ATLP).

Headteacher Lisa Dodd (pictured above) said:

“When I first came to Osborne, I wanted it to be a school which children, parents and staff could all be proud of. When we got the report, we were absolutely thrilled.

“The staff were eager to show off their hard work, and the children were very enthusiastic as well. Some children even came up to me asking to speak to the inspectors about our school!

“Our hard work, commitment and sense of pride really shone through in the report.”

The report showed glowing praise for the school’s pastoral care. It highlights the nurturing, safe environment of the school and the mutual respect between staff and pupils, declaring Osborne “a harmonious and happy place to be”.

It also praised the school’s new curriculum and excellent facilities, such as its “beautifully refurbished library”.

Mrs Dodd added that being part of the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership was a key component of Osborne’s success.

She said:

“The Partnership brings lots of opportunities to share good practice and support between schools, and the added expertise we’ve received has been great. We’ve gained amazing new staff members and developed our curriculum with their help.”

Inspectors further commended the school for its inclusivity and diversity, writing that Osborne celebrates the many cultures, races and religions in the school, as well as ensuring pupils with special educational needs and disabilities are supported. The school’s focus on being “unique but united” impressed the inspectors.

Mrs Dodd said Osborne’s grading has been a celebratory moment for the local community.

She said: “The community response has been brilliant. We’ve had lots of parents congratulate the school, and other schools have been asking us for advice!

“It’s been wonderful seeing our hard work and dedication being recognised and appreciated.”

Richard Gill CBE, CEO of the ATLP, said:

“I want to congratulate everyone connected with Osborne Primary School after receiving this Ofsted report, which highlights not only the fantastic work being done by the staff at the school  in terms of the curriculum and education but also the tremendous efforts being made to develop the pupils sense of pride, respect and community.”

Osborne Primary School Ofsted Report highlights

  • School leaders have created a calm environment both in lessons and during social times.
  • The school’s values of fairness, respect, forgiveness, courage, persistence and self-control are evident in all that pupils do.
  • Every member of staff genuinely cares for each individual pupil.
  • There are high expectations for behaviour that are clearly understood by all. Any issues that do arise are managed in a nurturing and caring way.
  • Staff model the behaviour they expect from pupils. Pupils rise to these expectations impressively, and are polite and well-mannered.
  • The school’s leaders are dedicated, skilful and trained to a high level.
  • Safeguarding arrangements at Osborne are effective.
  • The new curriculum is having a positive impact and is helping pupils achieve the high ambitions staff have for all of the children.
  • Pupils talk about how much they appreciate learning spaces like the library and treehouse.
  • Staff identify pupils who need additional support swiftly, and arrange extra sessions without delay.
  • Carefully devised support packages are offered without delay to pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities.
  • Diversity and difference are celebrated proudly.
  • The schools provides opportunities for pupils to work with positive role models.