Business leaders from across the area attended the launch of the highly-respected Arthur Terry Learning Partnership’s (ATLP) ambitious new scheme, which aims to connect businesses while improving educational opportunities for thousands of students.

Launched at Arthur Terry School – the ATLP’s Sutton Coldfield HQ – on June 5, the innovative ATLP Partner Programme will bring together students, parents, businesses, organisations and alumni, with the aim of enhancing education, empowering learners and providing profitable networking opportunities.

Networking is a key component of the ATLP Partner Programme.

Hosted by ATLP’s Chief Finance and Operations Officer Simon Smith, the launch provided the programme’s first networking event, after local businesses, charities and entrepreneurs heard about the huge opportunities that lay ahead.

Simon outlined the scale of the ATLP family, saying: “We are a multi-academy trust of 24 schools, made up of 17 primary schools, six secondary schools and alternative provision sites.

“We have 11,000 children and, when you equate that into wider family and communities, that’s close to 25,000 parents, carers and wider family that we have an impact on, in the communities that we serve.

ATLP CFOO Simon Smith shares the ambitious and exciting plans.

“We also have around 1,600 staff, at schools ranging from North Birmingham up to Lichfield and over to Tamworth in Staffordshire and then Coventry and Warwickshire too.

“The concept behind ATLP is that our member schools are stronger together, providing a united approach to school improvement.

“Fundamentally, we put children at the heart of everything we do and the ATLP Partner Programme aims to give businesses an opportunity to get involved and contribute to that ambition, while also making genuinely useful connections of their own.”

He went on to explain how the Partnership was committed to offering a place on an annual five-day residential trip to France to every one of its Year Six children, giving hundreds of youngsters an opportunity to broaden their horizons and experience a different culture.

He said: “It’s a really important gesture to make sure that no child loses out because of their own background or economic circumstances – and we’re thinking about opportunities like this for businesses to support the Partnership, to help shape the lives of so many children and give them a positive experience.”

Suzie Norton, Headteacher of William MacGregor Primary School and ATLP’s Primary Strategic Lead, then explained how sadly the trip was still ‘out of reach’ for so many children.

She explained: “The momentum is continuing – we had 235 children go last year from ten schools and we’re hoping it will just grow and grow. It would be wonderful if we had some support from local businesses to help fund that growth.”

The ATLP’s catering team provided delicious food at the launch event.

Membership of the ATLP Partner Programme enables partners to build connections, share their expertise and support the ATLP educational community. Through networking events, partnerships and fundraising activities, opportunities for professional growth, community engagement and educational advancement will be enhanced.

Brian Davies, the ATLP’s fundraising manager, is optimistic about the impact the Partner Programme – which promises six networking events every year – could have on local businesses and students.

He said: “At the ATLP, we are committed to working with the community to create new opportunities for our students, including those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged.

“We pride ourselves on being ‘One Trust’ to bring about the best outcomes for our young people.”

Membership costs £1,000 per year and is open to parents, alumni and local businesses within the ATLP catchment area of Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield, Tamworth, Coleshill and Coventry.

If you would like to open new doors for your business, whilst also helping to generate funding to enhance equitable opportunities for students across the West Midlands, then please get in touch.

Numerous businesses are already on board and others are in the process of joining. For more details, visit ATLP Partner Programme – The Arthur Terry Learning Partnership.