Two Gates Primary School

Food bank is over-the-moon as school gathers bags of Harvest goodness

Thursday 5th November, 2020

Kind-hearted students, staff and families at ATLP’s Two Gates Primary School found innovative ways to learn about the Harvest Festival this year – and bag a bountiful supply of much-needed items for a local food bank.

The senior student leaders at Two Gates Primary overcame COVID-19 restrictions by addressing the entire school via a pre-recorded video assembly.

Their aim was to teach the children about Harvest, the importance of the farming community and to inform them of the upcoming Harvest Festival collection for Tamworth Food Bank and how they could help families in the community by donating food.

“I was very pleased with how much we collected and the video definitely helped add to the collections we had for the harvest festival,“ explained Elliot Foster senior student leader (year 6).

“I was very proud of how much we collected,” said Dominik Budzinski senior student leader (year 6).

Headteacher Nêst Llewelyn-Cook said:

“Thank you to the Two Gates families for their generous donations which were really appreciated.”