Pupils and staff at Greysbrooke Primary School may have only started using iPad in the classroom in September last year, but just two months later the instant impact of the devices on teaching and learning was highlighted in a glowing Ofsted report.

Inspectors said: “The school has recently, and very successfully, introduced electronic tablets for all pupils. Careful thought has been given to how these devices can be used to enhance learning. The devices are also used to provide seamless adaptations or support for pupils who need it. Through ensuring that pupils use a combination of technology and paper, the school is aiming to teach pupils the skills that will help them continue to succeed in the future.”

This success has resulted from a clear and consistent approach at the Lichfield school, part of the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership (ATLP), where iPad enhances learning through accessibility features, modelling, explanation and scaffolding.

Learning Futures is the ATLP’s equitable 1-2-1 device programme which provides more than 11,000 iPads to children and staff to enhance opportunities and outcomes for all. 

At Greysbrooke, devices support retrieval tasks and data to identify misconceptions and also allow children to capture their practical learning through a variety of media to immediately evaluate and critique their work. A hybrid approach also prepares pupils for life after primary school.

Year 6 teacher Nathan Briley hailed the impact of Learning by Questions (LBQ) as a great example of the above.

He said: “Using LBQ has had an incredible impact on the teaching, learning and assessment in my class. At the touch of a button, there are hundreds of resources available to pupil devices immediately and this ability to pre-teach, gap-fill and retrieve learning from previous year groups has been invaluable.

“Within LBQ sessions, I can instantly identity pupils who may need more support, whilst feedback provided following incorrect answers helps pupils identify their own errors quickly.”

Music Leader Kate Speed said: “Having been in the profession for more than 25 years, I have found the introduction of iPad to be a real game-changer. It has affected all areas of my practice in a positive way.

“Children’s levels of engagement are better than ever and lesson pace has increased without the need to distribute books and worksheets, etc. Apps like Socrative help me to monitor progress and attainment like never before, especially in subjects previously hard to monitor and document like music and computing.

“Children are inspired to carry on lessons at home. Our work with Tinkercad has been revisited by many who strive to gain the skills to use the 3D printer in school effectively.”

Year 2 teacher and Geography Leader Sara Suter said: “My workload has eased as I feel more efficient and organised due to the use of apps such as Showbie.”

Pictures: Greysbrooke pupils are revelling in the use of iPad.