Excited youngsters at an Erdington primary school went on the festive trip of their lives recently – without even leaving the school!

Children at Osborne Primary School, which is part of the respected Arthur Terry Learning Partnership, arrived in their pyjamas and excitedly received a ‘golden ticket’ from their teachers.

Children receive their golden ticket to start the fun.

The ticket entitled them to a ride on the Polar Express – the magical locomotive from the much-loved story in which a young boy boards a train that’s headed to the North Pole and Santa Claus’ home on Christmas Eve night.

Every year group was welcomed by the conductors and served a delicious cup of hot chocolate by the resident chefs as they boarded the train, which had been lovingly created by staff.

Children sipped their hot chocolate and excitedly chatted about their journey to the North Pole before listening to the beginning of the classic story by Chris Van Allsburg.

The magic will continue until the end of term as the children create their own texts based on the world of the book, including a postcard home, a letter to Santa and a special focus on Christmas celebrations around the world.

The Polar Express sparked imaginative young minds.

Headteacher Lisa Dood said: “It has been such a wonderful time and the children were so excited. The event was made possible by the hard work of assistant headteacher Sam Prigg, assisted by Mary-Ann Hamer.

“Particular thanks must also go to the team of chefs who prepared and served the delicious hot chocolate and to the staff who wore their pyjamas to work and threw themselves into creating a magical experience for the children. 

“The team at Osborne is constantly coming up with ideas to help the children and the community connect with our school, to spark imaginations and bring fun and enjoyment to learning.

“This has been a truly magical day. To see the children’s faces as they stepped into a world of pure imagination was delightful. 

“I don’t think the children will ever forget the day that the Polar Express stopped at their school!”

Main picture: All aboard the Polar Express at Osborne Primary School.