The creation of Osborne Primary School’s impressive new Early Years Foundation Stage outdoor play facilities has been a true family affair.

Early Years Lead Emma Davis and Site Manager husband Paul Davis have spearheaded the brilliant work which has taken place at the Erdington school, part of the thriving Arthur Terry Learning Partnership.

Children are now enjoying some wonderful new equipment, which is helping to enhance learning and development and build confidence and camaraderie outside the classroom.

Emma, who put together the design, said: “I am lucky to be married to Paul for many reasons but also because, outside of his working hours, he has always supported and helped me in creating makeshift resources for the previous outdoor space we had.

“We would find ourselves working through holidays and weekends to collect pallets from local factories and tyres so that we had materials to build larger resources for the space. Paul built a giant storytelling chair and a gravel digging pit for small world construction play!

“The children absolutely love the new outdoor provision and are taking great care of it. They are immersed and engaged in the activities and it is wonderful to watch as their confidence grows whilst developing their skills. I am very proud of what we have accomplished for our children.”

Emma Davis, Osborne Primary School Early Years Lead
The new play equipment has transformed learning for children.

Paul said: “We were able to select the design which Emma and her team liked best and Emma was in constant communication with the contractors over the two weeks of work to ensure everything was up to standard!

“As you can see, it’s turned out really nice and Emma even managed to bag some extra line marking for free! It’s lovely to see the children using it with smiles on their faces.”

Osborne pupils are thrilled with their new surroundings.

Emma added: “Over the last two years, we have worked tirelessly to develop our curriculum and indoor learning environment in order to drive standards and provide exciting and engaging learning experiences.

“However, an outdoor learning space is also integral to the children’s learning and development and, now complete, the outdoor space is viewed as an outdoor classroom which reflects all areas of learning.

“I am so grateful to Paul for sourcing companies to come and look at my vision and also to our Estates team for their fantastic support.”

Headteacher Lisa Dodd said: “Emma and Paul are integral members of our school family and as a family dedicate a lot of time towards making our school the best place it can be.

“I am pretty sure they have Osborne Primary School written through their core like a stick of rock! They are a wonderful team in school as well as at home.”

Lisa Dodd, Osborne Primary School Headteacher

Ethan in class RA said: “I love our new outside area because it is a place for playing and learning.”

Main picture: Ethan (second right) and friends celebrate their new equipment.